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Final Entry

Bit late

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Frisked at Airport Security. 
Not really knowing times of public transport getting from Venice to Verona can be a tad stressful. 
Never the less we made it to Verona airport to fly back to Gatwick with plenty of time to spare, by bus, fast train and shuttle bus. 
Well of course trying to squeeze items in my bag to conserve space would arouse suspicion at security. This is my first trip overseas. No explanation given as to what was being looked for and me feeling put out by the end of that and the frisking. At least in Napoli they offered to re pack my bag and left my body alone. 
We're starting the long trip home in about 2 hours. Frisked at Heathrow airport as I beeped going through security AGAIN. No I didn't think I had anything on that would beep. At least my bag was okay this time. I am learning. Judles has escaped international frisking but not escaped it altogether. 
To all who have followed our blog, I hope you have enjoyed our adventures.  
We've thoroughly enjoyed it and are sad it is ending.
I will post some photos upon return to Tas.

Judy one and Judy one one.

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A lot of walking done today in Venice. You don't really need a map. Just follow the crowd or the signs. A great way to see the little streets and the many little stores selling all sorts. As we are leaving Italy tomorrow for London we only wanted enough euros left to get us by so no water bus for us. Eating very cheaply for lunch at a little pizza shop with a delicious crispy slice for 2.50€ and of course afternoon tea of gelato, 3 flavours for 3.00€. No it wasn't all about the food. Lisa you were absolutely right about the masks here. I love them!! We visited a store where they have classes in how to make them from paper mache then decorate them. They sell handmade masks and will even model them for you, complete with cape and pose for the camera. If in Venice go see them at La Commedia. 
Finding a public toilet has proved difficult in the whole of Italy and advice given was to ask at a restaurant or similar for a WC and because there are not many or any public ones they would not refuse us. Advice proved wrong today when we went to the pub opposite Trattorio Pizzerria Mamo where we were told "no toilet" and told to use public WC. We had been intending to buy a drink each at least but instead went looking for the public WC and spent 1.50€ (the most we've had to pay and more than the bus fare to the Venice) to drain the liquid. Dinner was again a very reasonable price at what is possibly Italian fast food. We sat in the restaurant and had 2 different dishes for 6.90€. No taxes, no seating cost and the food was lovely. Watching it being prepared a treat as well. From the train station (Ferrovia) wander down the street and find Brek if you're hungry and want to sit somewhere warm to eat for a very good price. 
Off to Verona to catch a plane to London tomorrow. 
Judys xx

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Minori - Amalfi Coast

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PS - Italian coast - Minori, Amalfi, Positano - what can we say except aaahhh! This is the life. Had my wine sitting outside in Minori and yes EVERYTHING you have heard about the bus trips around the coast line is true. Sit on the cliff side of the bus only if you enjoy a good scare!! Awesome value for money if you are a thrill seeker. A cross between a roller coaster ride and hot laps on a race track. Obviously the very first driver we had here was practicing for a bus grand prix. 3.60€ for a 90 minute ticket. The ferry trip from Amalfi to Positano and return is beautiful and cheap as chips. The weather has been very kind to us. I won't make you jealous with details about the views of the coastline, Capri or the clear blue sea. 
Between Jude and I we have snapped enough photos to wallpaper a good sized room. 
Pompeii day tour with Sunland Tour, Dominico driving us so well around the Amalfi coast road Jude and I nearly doze off. Very big difference to our first bus trip here. Alisandra - our guide - very fluent in several languages and great to listen to, almost hypnotic. Pompeii was very interesting and we covered a fraction of it. Allow 3 days if you want to see it all. Most of the original items found are in a museum in Napoli eg the loaves of bread found in the bakery oven after Mt Vesuvius erupted in 79AD. After lunch, which included gelato, it was on the bus to Mt Vesuvius to get to 1000 ft then on foot to get to 1254 ft and walk around the crater which took about 40 minutes, including calf muscle rests. 
Up in the clouds looking out over the sea and Napoli and smoke rising from the volcano, next predicted to erupt in about 10 years. 
By the time you read this we will be in Venice.  I'll be trying to get Judles to air guitar to AC/DC. 
Minori has been great, the people are friendly and helpful and put up with out terrible attempts at Italian. 
Dinner at Bar Midnight Sun here in Minori is where they treat you like royalty and the food is yummo. 
We have sampled as much variety of local food as we can. We really like the kebabs at the local pizzeria, the hot chocolate at the cafe down from the Villa Romana and the creme Lemoncello available from Amalfi. 
Will be sorry to leave. 

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Rome to Minori begins

The adventure continues

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Imagine walking up the steps from the metro (subway train) to see the Colosseum before us. Wow. We're 3rd in line by 8.30am to go inside when the polizia arrive to tell us due to the planned demonstration it will be closed today. Plan B - photos from outside, go to breakfast before the walking tour starts, come back Sunday. Walking tour with local guide here - Good - great local knowledge as I've mentioned before. Bad - to control the noise we have ear pieces like secret agents and the further we get away from the guide (in big crowds) the less you hear. Another benefit of walking tours or the city bus tours available in most places, they are beneficial to orient yourself to the sights and if done on the first day, gives you an idea of what you want to come back to explore later. Awesome buildings, fountains, history in Rome. The whole experience of the Vatican is incredible; from the work of Michelangelo right in front of us,  tapestries, frescos, mosaic floors and much more to the Vatican shuffle will remain with us. Feeling like a grain of sand in an hour glass trying to get out doorways is not so good but if you want beauty grit your teeth and bear it. St Peter's Basilica!! Trevi fountain coin throwing - throw your coins with your back to the fountain, coins in right hand and throw over left shoulder. One coin for love, one to come back to Rome, only throw a third if you want to replace the love you have with a new one. We're not telling how many we threw. 
Sunday we replayed the whole build up to the Colosseum, even more people lined up. It was worth the effort to go back and get in this time. Being early means due to the size of the Colosseum it's almost like being in there on our own for a little while.
The Capuchin Crypt - Who would have thought to decorate the crypt with the bones of 4000 monks? Interesting. Closed between noon and 3pm. 
We're moving on to Minori today. Not sure about wi-fi there. 
Hotel Pulitzer here in Rome has been great. 
Judy's xxx

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Rome today

Busy schedule

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Hello from Rome. Just a quick note to let you know we avoided the protest today in case you have been watching the news and were concerned.
Hopefully we can do the things we missed today because of the closures tomorrow. We did manage quite a few experiences anyway and are too pooped to write about them now.

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