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Part One

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Thank goodness for the rooftop pool here at the Holiday Atrium Inn. A dip of a night has been our rescue remedy. Staff here are very helpful & polite. Same as quite a few people who offer help without having to be asked when we may look a little confused about direction.  We've managed to get around by various transport methods. Taxi, bus, train, feet. Very friendly and helpful taxi drivers here UNLESS you happen to be in their path when they happen to be cruising for a fare when they become persistent in trying to lure you into their cab. "Where you going maam" "2 dollar, 2 dollar to train" Essential to look like you know where you're going or you become prey to their harassment. The concept of a tourist walking anywhere a strange one for them to comprehend. Art Science Museum, Skydeck at Marina Bay Sands, Chinatown and Singapore zoo have been great with a couple hiccups. Art Science Museum - we saw Dahl's awesome work with some very clever installations making for some fun for Jude and I with our cameras standing in front of mirrors. Van Gogh very clever floor to ceiling musical slideshow exhibit. I've never sat on the floor to view an exhibit before. Skydeck - What views!! The new botanical gardens will be awesome. Not so much fun - Doing laps of the Skydeck trying to get into the restaurant, being ushered by staff around and around until someone was kind enough to put a stop to it before we passed out from hunger and found something else to eat. Chinatown - very colourful litte streets to wander along, popping in and out of crammed full shops/stalls checking out bargains, visiting unbelievable temples, eating battered & deep fried pumpkin and sampling local food. Anyone for pigs scrotum? Advice to Singapore travellers - Visit the zoo as the animals are well worth it - 3 gorgeous white tigers, 3 very cute elephants and some very lovely lions to mention just a few. All in tropical rain forest setting BUT check the weather first and try for another day if it happens to mention it's going to be wet. They are prepared for the wet with brilliant coloured ponchos and you can purchase thongs in the gift shop but it is not so nice walking around in thunder and lightning trying to take photos, getting your map and yourself wet, even though it is warm. Don't be fooled into paying for a tram ride thinking you may keep dry as you can not get on the tram easily. A lack of communication may see you wasting time traipsing backward and forward to staff trying to find someone who can assist you. Walk instead. Awesome carousel for children. Allow a full day with travel. Sentosa was awesome!! Highlighted by Songs of the Sea which I could watch every night for the rest of my life and the 4D Pirates movie - hilarious. A relaxing day is planned today to prepare for our big plane flight tomorrow. A trip to Singapore Flyer tonight to view the city at height at night and a final swim in the pool. Write to you next from the Queen's city. Ursula Hawkins we found a hotel for you here. Craig the mystery of the Singapore devil sounds has been solved. To all the rest of our lovely family and friends we hope you're keeping well. J1 & J2 xx

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